Glow Stones for Enhanced Landscapes

Enhancing your landscape is a great way to add more enjoyment to the home you already love so much. There are many ways to create outdoor appeal using different plants, garden borders, and stones. The landscape you create is something you can enjoy all day but if you add some glow stones you can enjoy it all night long, too.

Outdoor lighting is one of the primary ways to show off your landscape at night. Besides this, outdoor lights add safety. They can cost money, and they use a lot of energy, however. Use glow stones in their place and get the same beautiful lighting together with greater safety all without having to pay more for your electric bill every month.

These stones are specially made to absorb the sunlight during the day and then shine all night. They never need to be charged or replaced. The sun’s light does all the work.

These stones are economical to use, and they are environmentally sound. They come in a variety of sizes and colors so there is a stone perfect for using to create a walkway, a driveway border, a garden border or anything else your imagination can come up with.

Where can you get the best stones? From one of the leaders in the glow-stone industry, Ambient Glowing Technology. Their products are durable, they last for years and they look great. Create your own arrangements using the stones you buy in bulk from them or have one of their design experts help you.

Their stones work by getting just a few minutes of sun each day. Only eight minutes of sun exposure is what it takes to glow for 10 full hours at night.

These stones are perfect for any outdoor space including pool decks or patios. They are made to last – and glow – for up to 10 years. AGT offers a selection of stones in different colors like beige, white and off white. You can request a sample to see which one works best for your landscape or garden arrangement.

Installing the stones is easy. You can lay them out yourself or hire a contractor to do the work for you. If you are planning to cover a wide space on your yard you may want to hire contractors to do the work and have your new stone layout ready to use in one weekend.

Glow stones will give your landscape a truly remarkable look at night. They make your home safer and they also make it more beautiful for entertaining during the warm summer months. Their light is soothing but bright and steady so that you can be sure it is safe to walk around no matter how dark it is outside.

AGT stones never need to be recharged. They do not run on electricity or batteries. They use natural sunlight to give off their light all night long. They are safe to use wherever you want to enhance your outdoor landscape with a pop of light and color.