How You Can Now Hire A Camera In The UK Rather Than Buy One

In this age of plenty, where everyone has at least one of every gadget known to man, there has to be a limit somehow. Once your home is full and the basement too, where are you to put all of your expensive belongings, especially those that you only really use a few times per year? Add to that, the fact that everything needs to be maintained, cared for and packed carefully between uses or all of those nice toys will be ruined from the moisture or long-term sitting. Then, by the time you really do get around to using them, they’re useless or in need of repair. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your lifestyle is to start renting some of the more expensive items only when you need them and let someone else buy them and maintain them. Let’s take a look at how you can hire camera  services from a local rental place called Fat Lama Ltd. and what you can expect from them.

They’ll Need To Know Where You’re Located To Find Things To Hire Nearby

Of course, there’s no point in driving hundreds of miles to get an item that you’re only going to use a day or two and then return it. They’ll want to find you the closest match for what you want to borrow so you can get started right away with whatever project you’re working on. They have photos of everything they have for hire so you can see the style, condition, and attachments if there are any.

When you sign up, they’ll need to have your ID so they can verify who you are so they know you’re not going to just run off with what you rent, it’s only fair. And the nice people that are renting their things out need that kind of security as well. Some things, like say a jig-saw, are only worth $50 or less, but there are people hiring out expensive cameras with nice lenses that could be worth hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. The cool thing about Fat Lama is that not only do they check the borrowers out but they also offer full coverage insurance up to the value of each item to protect the lenders. If they can’t cover it for theft and damage they won’t let you lend it out on their platform.

Plus, since Fat Lama handles the money transaction, the money is deposited into your bank account about 3 days after the rental is to begin. This helps in more ways than one because they can take credit cards, and do direct bank transfers which help facilitate the deal while not risking disclosure of banking details which are always kept private.

Right now Fat Lama is available in pretty much the entire UK and is expanding rapidly due to its popularity. There are plans to extend into other countries and continents with similar services as soon as possible. You can go onto the site and find what you want to hire, whether it’s a camera or a drill, find out where one is available and make arrangements to pick it up at a convenient time and location for both you and the lender.